Greensboro, NC Marches Against Monsanto

October 12, 2013 GREENSBORO, NC – Outside of Deep Roots Market, activists participated in the ‘March Against Monsanto’ protest, part of the global March Against Monsanto initiative held in observance of World Food Day.

The organizers hoped that the protest would serve to educate people about the health benefits of eating organic food as opposed to genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan of Vaughan Integrative Medicine, a regular guest on WGHP Fox 8 Morning News, spoke at the anti-GMO event, telling rally-goers, “(People) aren’t getting the nutrients they need out of the foods that they are eating. Every single time you eat Roundup Ready corn, Roundup Ready soy, you are getting a dose of glyphosate. That glyphosate is binding all of your trace minerals, so whatever you’re getting in the food, you’re not really getting. When I test people and I put them on minerals … they come back, they haven’t improved at all. It’s because they’re still eating the genetically modified food, because they should be absorbing those minerals and they’re not.”

Event organizer Michael Norbury says that the march was held in solidarity with the YESon522 November ballot initiative for mandatory GMO labeling in Washington State. “522’s passage will lead to nationwide GMO labeling on food products because it’s too difficult for companies to label products specific to one state only,” says Norbury.

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